About us

We have been cooperating with the largest producers of agricultural machinery for over 30 years, producing for the first assembly. Aware of the importance of quality in production, we have developed a quality control process from the supplier’s audit and qualification to a well-equipped laboratory that allows us to verify the structure of the material before entering production, as well as monitor the quality of production in progress.

The main area of ​​activity of Precizo is the production of parts for the assembly of agricultural and construction machines by machining methods, combined with the use of heat and thermo-chemical treatment and welding operations.

We produce both individual details delivered to the assembly lines of our clients, as well as provide assembly services for parts made in our factory.

A production hall with an area of ​​12,000 m2 produces over 3000 different products. Precizo has a developed machinery park, which consists of the most modern numerically controlled machines, including lathe machines, milling centers and conventional machining machines.



Our Machine Park consists of conventional machining machines up to the most modern high-performance and precise machine tools such as:


  • 3-axis and 4-axis automatic lathes,
  • 4-axis and 5-axis milling centers,
  • numerically controlled and conventional numerical control machines,
  • volumetric and induction hardening furnaces,
  • deep hole drilling machine,
  • welding shop that includes professional inverter welder and welding robot,
  • claw and centerless grinders,
  • surface grinding machine,
  • hole grinder,
  • hydraulic press for straightening shafts,
  • vertical balancing machines for rotating elements,
  • horizontal balancer for shafts,
  • conventional lathes and milling machines



Precizo is a producer of details in the 5th and 7th grade accuracy

Confirmation of professionalism and highly developed manufacturing technology is a specially separated area from the production hall, on which details are produced in the 5th class of accuracy in the area of ​​turning the surface and in the 7th class of accuracy in the field of spline milling. Precizo, in order to meet the growing market requirements, invests in modern technologies and CNC machine tools, and provides an appropriate working environment for the machines and idols that are produced on them.
The requirements of Precizo customers in terms of surface tolerance and accuracy mean that the factors influencing the end result are not only the highest-class machine tools and experienced operator, but also temperature, which with a tolerance of several microns has a significant impact on the final result of the treatment.
In order to meet these requirements, the most modern numerically controlled machine tools are located in the air-conditioned production hall. The combination of the highest competences of people working there, modern and accurate CNC machine tools and an appropriate and stable temperature guarantee excellent results and repeatability of the obtained characteristics. The end of the production process is the measurement of finished details by advanced devices allowing for full supervision and proper control of the performed characteristics at a constant temperature.